Based on the best selling diaries by two self confessed "pieces of Moscow scum" who produced their own rough quide to London. This dark comedy is the tale of two likeable but wayward young Russian immigrants who come to London do amass an easy fortune/ But its not too long before Spiker (Ben Barnes) and Cobakka (Andrei Chadov) realize that legally they are not going to get very far/
So aided by the dodgy artash they learn to shoplift, rip off banks, joyride on the tube and turn mobile phones in to crack. Finding themselves drawn into the shadowy underworld life begins to turn sour and the highs begin to fade. When Spiker begins to fall prey to the easy drugs Cobakka is forced to making some life changing deceisions.
  Out on DVD 22nd June


  Extras: Making of Bigga Than Ben
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Все права защищены, фильм "Больше Бена" - Bigga than Ben, 2007 год